Kelek the Cruel was an evil wizard who ruled over a domain in the South Marches during the Age of Silence. Kelek was known for his attempt to achieve immortality by hunting Unicorns for their horns.

Kelek was also known for his use of a Dire Wolf as a mount and a pack of Wolven to assist in his hunting of the Unicorns - completely removing them from the Rose Wood

When Kelek was ultimately defeated, the three Alicorn which he had been able to acquire were stolen from him and hidden. The fortress he once held between the Rose Wood and the Bronzewood Forest was originally known as Direfang Keep and located at the western edge of the Stagwood. When he was killed, both forces (one to the north from the Morwood and another to the south in the Bronzewood) each wanted the fortress as a strategic point. As a compromise, they agreed to turn their catapults on the fortress and destroy it so that neither of them could use it. 

The burnt remains of the fortress, just the tower-keep and its dungeons, became known as the Blackfang.


Race: Human

Age: 65 (Born 515 KR ), Died (580 KR)


Kelek was obsessed with extending his life but due to the limitations of arcane magic, he had to explore 'alternative' means to achieve his goals. He hunted far and wide for witches and druids to torture the secrets of their magic from them and tried to fuse his understanding of arcane power with their life magic. This provided only limited success but along the way he would destroy whole villages to kidnap the children to use in his rituals; presumably stealing their youth.


Kelek rode a direwolf named Brightfang and controlled a pack of Wolven which he raised to serve him. In addition to this small force, he also commanded a small band of Hobgoblins from the Bloodstone Tribe who were lead by the warleader Khomag Bloodspear.


Kelek the Cruel has had several individuals who served him over the years.

  • Khomag Bloodspear: a warleader of Bloodstone Hobgoblins who served him in his raids of villages and in the hunting of unicorns. 
  • Megoryth Whitemane: A half-elven forest witch he enslaved to aid him in the draining of life energy from captured children to keep him young.