House of Argen
Important Information
Rank Major House
Founding 691 KR
Motto Motto
Seat Cambria, Broken Coast
Holdings Holdings
Members Members
Heirlooms Heirlooms
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Economics Economic interests

House of Argen is a noble house of the kingdom and city of Cambria. The House of Argen is known as an economic and military force within the region and has been a staunch protector of the lands. Its forces are known for the white griffon head upon a banner of blue. 



Lord Joran Argen



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The House of Argen is known for its military strength and gentle hand. They can drive back the goblin raiders one day and provide aid and comfort to their people the next. They are one of the more efficient and formal military organizations of the Marches.
Their distinct blue cloak can be seen far and wide within the Marches with the small shield-broach with the silver dragon emblazoned upon a blue field.


The House of Argen is one of the few houses of the North Marches that actively encourages those of its house who are born with the gift to pursue it with as much vigor as they would with any other military skill. Wizards of the House and those of the commoner class that were found by the House, serve in the Guard of the High Reaches. This means that in addition to their magical education they must also learn to ride, shoot and lead men into battle.

Wizards of the House

Known Banner Houses

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North Marches
Barony House Motto Seat Location
Brendoak Alba "Evermore" Thornhaven West
Dale Baelyn "Noble in our Fury" Fallcrest South East
Weston]] Tarly "Here we Stand" Barons Bridge East Central
High Reaches Bromwell "Family First" Highward West
Midlund Norello "Right Conquers Might" Kingsbridge South Central
Northshield Fenryk "Never Alone" Northhaven North East