The Gizerod
Important Information
Type Arcane,
Leadership {{{leader}}}
Seat Tor Gizad
Holdings Holdings
Heirlooms Heirlooms
Organization Council
Known Members
=The Gizerod is the magical leadership for the city of Tor Gizad.
The Gizerod is a council of nine of the most powerful of the wizards; generally representing each of the nine spheres of magic with one of their members acting as the Speaker.

They enforce the Code of Gizad and monitor the arcane activites of the human lands with the aid of the Gizerath.


The Gizerod has nine voting members but several other 'counselors' that may be invited to contribute their thoughts or opinions as to the matters being discussed.

The leader of the Gizerod is called the Speaker and he carries the Staff of the Speaker, a powerfully enchanted staff that is the symbol of his office.

Advising the Speaker are representatives from the various disciplines of arcane magic; Evocation, Conjuration, Transmutaiton, etc.

A Counselor is appointed or removed from their position by one of the nine Magisters of which the Speaker is counted.